Man wih stress and depression
Man with anxiety

Seeing it in others ? Don't ignore it

- be brave yourself and start a conversation


- let them know if you've noticed a change in their behaviour​ 

- talk to them and listen without judgment

- encourage friends, family and colleagues to talk to them

- explain they are not alone, or weak, or less of a man

- advise that taking action may be easier than they think

- encourage them to exercise and eat well

- tell them about #ManReBranded

Feeling it yourself ? Don't hide it


- commit to talking  - keeping it to yourself will only make it worse​ 

- go out for a walk, get some fresh air

- listen to some music - ( we have a #ManReBranded Spotify List )

- write down how you are feeling and send it to yourself

- write down 5 things you would like to change

- STAND UP - and be proud of who you are

- OPEN UP - talk to someone and tell them how you feel

-  MAN UP - be brave, take responsibility and don't be afraid to talk

once you are aware - taking action may not be as hard as you think


a physical, mental or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension

Stress is not the same as anxiety or depression, but being stressed for a long period of time can lead to anxiety and depression and it can affect cardiovascular health.

Stress can be positive or detrimental. Some stress can be a good thing, but when it is regular and doesn't let up, health problems can occur.


a mood disorder causing a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest

While depression is associated with sadness and a feeling of hopelessness, in men it often comes out as irritability or anger or in unnecessary risk taking and extreme behaviours. 

Depression also affects how you feel, think and behave and if untreated can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.


a general term for nervousness, fear or worry that affects how we feel

Anxiety is more than just feeling nervous or having sweaty palms. Anxiety can include feelings of fear and impending doom that can affect your ability to focus, work and rest.

These disorders affect how we think, feel and behave and they manifest in both physical and mental symptoms. 

constant worry about what could go wrong

don't ignore the warning signs